Using the Tixeo application

Sharing screens or applications

How to share my screen

You are not an organiser or you do not have moderation rights :

Click on the Request to share button to notify the organiser who will need to grant you the right to share.

How to share an application

Application sharing is only available on windows and linux.

If you have the right to share: click on the Share button and select the application to share This allows you to share only the selected application.

If you do not have sharing rights: see the previous question (How do I share my screen).

How to remotely control your PC/MAC

You wish to give control of your PC/MAC keyboard and mouse to a participant.

To do this, click on "Share" from the menu and select the person you wish to give control to

At any time, you will be able to take back control of the mouse or keyboard.

Under Linux, only mouse control is available.

Manage Tixeo application options

How to access the settings

Click on the main menu and then on the "gear" icon

you get this: interface

In this single view you can : - Set the microphone - Set the speakers - Set the camera and image quality - Set the language - Go directly to the FAQ - Go directly to the helpdesk tool

I don't want to launch Tixeo at startup

Uncheck the "Launch at startup" box in the software settings

Tixeo remains open after clicking on the cross at the top right

This is normal behaviour, quitting is done from the Tixeo menu (like Skype)

To quit Tixeo completely, go to the notification area (towards the clock) then right click on the Tixeo icon and Quit.

Private Tixeo server (TixeoPrivateCloud/TixeoServer)

How to connect to a private Tixeo server
  • Launch the Tixeo client and click on the Change site button before logging in
  • Select TixeoServer private
  • Enter the private server address and click on the Connect button

server selection

Connect to an H323 or SIP system

How to contact an H323/SIP system

If you are a Cloud customer, you must have a TixeoCloud Premium subscription

check chapter "2.1.5" page 11 : first step on TixeoGateway

If you are a TixeoPrivateCloud or TixeoServer customer, you must have a TixeoGateway

Check chapter "2.1.5" page 11 : first step on TixeoGateway