Videotouch Compact
videotouch videotouch camera 
1. My camera turns on but I get a black image on the Tixeo client

Your camera may not be selected by default in the Tixeo client. To activate your camera in the Tixeo client:

  • Scroll down the main menu
  • Enter the "Settings" menu
  • Select your camera in the "Video" drop-down menu


2. How to call a remote H323 or SIP device

See chapter "2.1.5" on page 11 : first step with TixeoGateway

3. The picture is different on the VideoTouch screen and the TV screen

In some cases it is possible that the system display is configured in "Extended" mode.

As a result, the VideoTouch compact screen will not display the same thing as the meeting room screen connected via HDMI. meeting room screen connected via HDMI.

For a similar display on both screens, it is necessary to switch to mode and set the system display to "Duplicate" mode using the Windows settings:

  • Settings
  • System
  • Display :
  • "Multiple Displays" section
  • Select "Duplicate these displays" in the drop-down menu.

Please note: the meeting room screen (connected to the VideoTouch Compact via HDMI) must be configured with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

4. I can't connect to the Tixeo service

To connect to the Tixeo service, enter the login and password of the account provided or created for this equipment.

In the case of a TixeoServer or TixeoPrivateCloud, it is necessary to enter the address of the private server. To do so, click on the "Change site" button at the bottom left and enter the private server address. the private server address.

5. I can't connect to the network

To connect to the network, the VideoTouch Compact uses the DHCP protocol by default. This protocol ensures, among other things, the automatic configuration of the IP settings of the local server. server.

If your network is not recognized, it is recommended to switch to Administrator mode to configure and access your network.