Tixeo Meeting Management Server


Tixeo Communication Server


Tixeo Communication Client


v17.1.5 (23/04/2024)


  • TMMS Improved the TMMS user interface (statistics page)

  • TMMS Improved statistics performance

  • TMMS When a meeting is modified, the sender of the e-mail corresponds to the person who made the modification.

  • TCC Possibility to add a master config file near the W3DClient binary

  • TCC Allow user to share files directly from OODrive (must be connected through OODrive SSO)

  • TCC After generating a report from Settings, ask user if he want open the folder containing reports

  • TCC Desktop: Add a context popup to "Copy" text from secure chat


  • TMMS Fix: User not disconnected after email migration

  • TMMS Fix: Session not invalidated when administrator changes user password

  • TMMS Fix: Authentication page can be validated with empty fields

  • TMMS Fix: Directory setup failure with LDAPS server

  • TMMS Fix: Definition of contacts list from LDAP is not working

  • TMMS Fix: No mail sent when deleting a meeting from administration page

  • TMMS Fix: ActiveDirectory authentication failed when domain and search base are different

  • TMMS Fix: Email migration fails with a user manager account

  • TMMS Fix: Old meeting url (before 17.1.2) is not redirected to new meeting url

  • TCC Fix: Window title is not refreshed after usage of Expert mode

  • TCC Fix: Shared screen is frozen when switching to multimedia mode

  • TCC Fix: Can’t connect to a PinCode meeting outside the organization when the meeting is hosted on internal TCS

  • TCC Fix: Activities list is loaded several times if just few activities exist

  • TCC Fix: Hyperlinks can be broken in secure chat

  • TCC Fix: Impossible for user to scroll up in the discussion if it contains lots of messages

  • TCC Fix: Sender name is truncated when sending file in chat

  • TCC Fix: Secure chat message items can have an incorrect height

  • TCC Fix: w3d links are not read correctly when using retrocompatibility

  • TCC Fix: Windows: Highlight of speaking attendee is not working correctly

  • TCC Fix: Windows: Retrocompatibility can raise error when starting TCC

  • TCC Fix: Mobile: Participation requests don’t have a correct visual notification

  • TCC Fix: Android: Don’t use notifications system if Google Mobile Services libraries are not available on the device


  • TMMS Upgraded several libraries and Tomcat

  • TMMS Several library updates

v17.1.4.1 (19/03/2024)


  • TCC Redesign of the Webview loading page


  • TMMS Fix: Invalid CSV export of meetings when using date filter

  • TMMS Fix: Users are not able to create an discussion from contact scene

  • TCC Fix: Wrong client state after using proxy

  • TCC Fix: Improve popup error message after connection using SSO

  • TCC Fix: Error with PinCode and relaying connection into another TCS

v17.1.4 (12/03/2024)


  • TMMS Management of rememberMe authentication token for SSO

  • TMMS Many improvements of the TMMS user interface (download page, translations, display …​)

  • TMMS Add hand raising for users connecting via WebRTC

  • TCC Windows: Boost UI rendering performances (use of Skia engine with GPU acceleration)

  • TCC Improve visual clues that there is people in the waiting room

  • TCC Add emojis in secure chat


  • TMMS Fix: SSO authentication is done in a popup, but should be done on same page

  • TMMS Fix: No TCS zone selection for unauthenticated users

  • TMMS Fix: User account timezone not applied on date display

  • TMMS Fix: WebRTC preview and settings page is broken when device (microphone or webcam) is not allowed or accessible

  • TMMS Fix: Improve microphone and video icons visibility in WebRTC preview

  • TMMS Fix: Invalid field in CSV export of users

  • TMMS Fix: On Windows, the TMMS service may freeze on startup

  • TMMS Fix: Update failure on Redhat systems (RPM) in some cases

  • TMMS Fix: Unable to define an LDAP group as a contact list on a subscription

  • TMMS Fix: Improved loading time for discussions

  • TMMS Fix: Error message is not explicit when authentication fails because of required captcha

  • TMMS performance improvements:

    • Database transactions optimization when viewing statistics

    • Limitation on CSV exports to reduce the amount of data to be extracted from the DB and avoid crashing the server

  • TCC Fix: Switching to another TCS zone during a meeting does not working correctly

  • TCC Fix: User is disconnected when trying to call back a missed call

  • TCC Fix: User account is disconnected on system resume after sleep, because of some webservice errors

  • TCC Fix: w3d links data is lost when using version management

  • TCC Fix: Notifications not shown correctly after switching to another server or account

  • TCC Fix: Application or screen sharing has too much empty space around

  • TixeoGateway Fix: "hand", "!hand" messages sent in WebRTC chat when a user with TCC uses "raise hand"


  • TMMS Use JRE instead of JDK and update to the latest release of LTS (21)

  • TMMS Several other security enforcements (contact us for details)

v17.1.3.2 (19/02/2024)


  • TCC Improve protection on discussions

v17.1.3.1 (06/02/2024)


  • TCC Fix: User can be disconnected after long time of inactivity in meeting

v17.1.3 (23/01/2024)


  • TMMS Add setting to map phone number to language (Gateway PSTN IN)

  • TMMS Improvements of the TMMS user interface

  • TMMS New settings for GDPR: edition in different languages of the texts displayed when registering

  • TCC Complete redesign of the secure chat

  • TCC Quick choice of TMMS address

  • TCC Allow user to see GDPR info while creating an account


  • TMMS Fix: Settings inversion between "Enable PSTN IN" and "Enable PSTN OUT"

  • TMMS Fix: Missing log file when installing TMMS on Windows

  • TMMS Fix: Resources not released when using the recorder on a call

  • TMMS Fix: Incorrect ICS file when duplicating a recurring meeting

  • TMMS Fix: Filter not working on the TMMS administration services page

  • TMMS Fix: Exception when adding or accessing an organization having a special character in the name

  • TMMS Fix: Duplicated meetings end abruptly

  • TCS Fix: Installer form is truncated and does not show all the options

  • TCC Fix: "Browse" button on chat message does not work

v17.1.2.7 (09/02/2024)


  • TCC Improve protection on discussions

v17.1.2.6 (not delivred)


  • TCC Fix: User can be disconnected after long time of inactivity in meeting

v17.1.2.5 (24/01/2024)


  • TCC Fix: Popup notifications are too big on VideoTouch

v17.1.2.4 (22/12/2023)


  • TMMS Fix: bad FR translation for encryption

  • TCC Fix: Windows: Wrong CPU measurement

  • TCC Fix: MacOS: Compatibility problem when connecting to TMMS versions older than 17.1.0

v17.1.2.3 (20/12/2023)


  • TMMS Fix: Gateway and SSO connection fails

v17.1.2.2 (15/12/2023)


  • TMMS Fix: Failed to join a meeting with PIN code from TMMS web page

  • TMMS Fix: Exception when consulting subscriptions for the subscription manager.

  • TMMS Fix: Subscription managers unable to consult subscription meetings.

v17.1.2.1 (13/12/2023)


  • TMMS Fix: Subscription update doesn’t work: stacking of new subscriptions instead of updating current subscription.


v17.1.2 (12/12/2023)


  • TMMS Complete redesign of TMMS interface

  • TMMS Add user type information (Internal, LDAP, SSO) to CSV export

  • TCC In case of "Captcha needed", the user can unlock his account directly from the TCC

  • TCC Improvement of the meeting fusion mode (hover on bubbles, sharing bubbles can be clicked)

  • TCC Allow attendee to raise hand


  • TMMS Fix: Some statistics are too long to show, and sometimes show wrong value (more to come)

  • TCC Fix: After downloading a file from the secure chat, clicking on the filename doesn’t open it

  • TCC Fix: A black screen appears after minimizing or closing the application

  • TCC Fix: Wrong aspect ratio on virtual background

  • TCC Fix: Windows: Impossible to uninstall after an update (unins000.msg is missing)

  • TCC Fix: Windows: File SpeakersTest.wav not found when user tries to test his speakers

  • TCC Fix: Windows: Outlook plugin is not correctly updated and stays in older version

  • TCC Fix: OSX: After an update, the TCC automatically tries to connect to Tixeo Cloud

  • TCC Fix: OSX: The option to launch the TCC at startup can open more than one client


  • TMMS Upgrade JDK version to the latest release of LTS (17)

  • TMMS Remove password when changing user from internal to external source (LDAP, SSO…​)

  • TMMS Option to hide reset link when a manager resets the user’s password

  • TMMS Several other security enforcements (contact us for details)

  • TCC Enhanced meeting security: Transform your end-to-end meeting encryption key with an additional user-only know secret

v17.1.1 (30/10/2023)


  • TMMS Rename screen sharing features: "Enable" instead of "Disable"

  • TMMS Add settings to join a meeting by phone (Gateway PSTN IN)

  • TCC Allow user to create a meeting that can be join by phone

  • TCC Allow user to add a contact from LDAP/AD or SCIM directories

  • TCC Add options in config file to disable audio processing

  • TCC In addition of the icons, add captions in the main menu

  • TCC Meeting wizard show video in 16/9 format and can stay always visible

  • TCC Split the Kiosk mode option in different features

  • TCC Add an option in the TCC settings to allow user to delete his account

  • TCC Desktop: Add speaker device selection directly in meeting

  • TCC Windows: Add a new file explorer to send files in meeting

  • TCC Android: Add a button to switch between bluetooth and speaker

  • TixeoGateway New gateway PSTN IN

  • TixeoGateway Windows: Remove the use of regsvr32 process


  • TMMS Fix: TMMS server not responding if LDAP is enabled and the LDAP server is unreachable.

  • TCS Fix: Linux: some files still have wrong rights after install or update

  • TCC Fix: Popup notifications takes the focus

  • TCC Fix: Can’t select the text in the server address edit after switching from public to private server

  • TCC Fix: Minimize the TCC during an application sharing hides it definitively

  • TCC Fix: Multimedia sharing limited at 18 FPS

  • TCC Fix: Wrong aspect ratio on virtual background

  • TCC Fix: Desktop: Keyboard keys not transmitted correctly to xterm during application sharing

  • TCC Fix: MacOS: Slow performance on rendering

  • TCC Fix: Windows: closing a notification generates a bugreport (descriptor not valid)

  • TCC Fix: Windows: blank webview if Edge is missing

  • TCC Fix: Windows: AppLocker blocks install because some files are not correctly signed

  • TCC Fix: Android: wav file not found

  • TixeoOutlookPlugin wrong server selection force user to use public server as private


  • TCC Update OpenSSL version to 3.1

  • TCC Android: remove unused permissions (read_calendar and write_calendar)

v17.1.0.2 (12/10/2023)


  • TCC Fix: Mobile: User isn’t automatically connected on private TMMS server at app startup, even if previously authenticated

  • TCC Fix: Mobile: Push notifications doesn’t work correctly

v17.1.0.1 (03/10/2023)


  • TCC Fix: iOS: using a custom theme freeze the app

v17.1.0 (19/09/2023)


  • TMMS Contact search in LDAP/AD or SCIM directories

  • TMMS On an LDAP/AD configuration, the organizer group can now include sub-groups

  • TCC Contacts from LDAP/AD/SCIM directories can be invited to join a meeting or a discussion

  • TCC The current version of the TCC is now visible in the window caption

  • TCC When already connected, allow user to force the connection to a meeting (will disconnect the previous)

  • TCC Introduce a version management to allow TCC to connect to TMMS with older or more recent versions

  • TCC Add the possiblity to be in meeting in audio-mode only to reduce bandwidth usage

  • TCC Split call button to allow users to do an audio or video call

  • TCC Merge all config files (.xml, .ini’s) inside one unique config.ini

  • TCC Change the config file location to simplify the usage of the TCC as a virtual application

  • TCC Allow users to have multiple private servers saved in the config file


  • TMMS Fix: no email sent when a non validated user clik on forgot password

  • TMMS Fix: Error message when activation page is opened several times

  • TMMS Fix: User account validation fails if the email entered contains capital letters

  • TixeoGateway Fix: regsvr32 process can stay in memory when starting/stopping a gateway or a recording

  • TCC Fix: translation to connect through PinCode

  • TCC Fix: wrong tab order to create a meeting using keyboard

  • TCC Fix: unins000.exe isn’t signed and uninstall the TCC can failed

  • TCC Fix: QUIC: auto-reconnect to a meeting restarted on another TCS doesn’t work

  • TCC Fix: Syslog can have a wrong log level if the value in the config file is incorrect

  • TCC Fix: fullscreen submenu should not stay open

  • TCC Fix: Windows: bugreports are generated as a .mbr files instead of .txt files

  • TCC Fix: QUIC fallback to HTTP doesn’t work correctly

  • TixeoOutlookPlugin Fix: the installer isn’t signed and the installation of the TCC can fail


v17.0.4.1 (28/07/2023)


  • TMMS Fix: too many logs because of exception on device information storing

  • TCS Fix: meeting always ended on time even if participants still inside

  • TCC Fix: installation blocked by AppLocker because of missing signature for TixeoOutlookPlugin

v17.0.4 (25/07/2023)


  • TMMS Add feature to disable screen sharing

  • TMMS Save user’s device information on login (platform, os, protocol)

  • TMMS Add a webservice to refresh JWT token

  • TCC Desktop: Add microphone and webcam device selection directly in meeting

  • TCC Desktop: Improve the wizard shown at the first meeting connection to select the devices to be used

  • TCC Generate and send DeviceID to TMMS (will be used in future versions to differentiate user zone)


  • TMMS Fix: Some translations

  • TMMS Fix: Failed to query the metric-server in some cases (triggers an exception)

  • TMMS Fix: Failed to stop a meeting with a recorder (triggers an exception)

  • TMMS Fix: Could not join a meeting without camera via the browser (WebRTC)

  • TMMS Fix: LDAP authentication fails when there are several accounts in LDAP with the same e-mail address

  • TMMS Fix: None activated users are deleted by default after 4 days instead of 90 days

  • TCS Fix: QUIC not relayed correctly for meetings > 1 day (removed system dependency)

  • TCC Fix: close a notification sometimes generates a bug report

  • TCC Fix: wrong scene routing always leads to show "Connect by PinCode"

  • TCC Fix: some Hungarian and German translations

  • TCC Fix: unexpected error on first call of VersionService

  • TCC Fix: Mobile: discussion scene is not correctly shown after switch from portrait to landscape

  • TCC Fix: auth problem leads to false positive bruteforce detection

v17.0.3 (20/06/2023)



    • authentication using SAML

    • use IDP group rather than role to identify organizers

  • TMMS Add the link of the download page on the login page

  • TMMS Added a tool in the admin area to migrate users email addresses

  • TMMS Added activated column in users CSV export

  • TCC Improve logging and bugreport to prevent too many files

  • TCC Improve scene animations, particularly when joining a meeting

  • TCC Allow user to reattach all undocked windows

  • TCC Windows: Add the compatibility with Jabra Panacast 50 (normal and composite mode)


  • TMMS Fix: task to compress and delete old TMMS log files not executed

  • TMMS Fix: the feature H323/SIP IN can be activated without PinCode feature

  • TMMS Fix: GDPR text is not displayed on the TCC when an account is created

  • TCC Fix: delete activities doesn’t update correctly the counter

  • TCC Fix: Android: login with SSO shows a blank page and cannot reconnect automatically

  • TCC Fix: failed to remove a custom virtual background

  • TCC Fix: Windows: memory leak when using QUIC network layer

  • TCC Fix: show an indicator when starting recording a meeting

v17.0.2 (17/05/2023)


  • TMMS SSO authentication using OpenID Connect

  • TMMS New email notification when a user becomes organizer or account manager

  • TMMS Display the full version on the welcome page of the TMMS

  • TMMS Allow account/tenant renaming

  • TMMS Add multiline input for adding new users or organizers

  • TMMS Improvement of metric-server performance

  • TCC Allow user to login with SSO authentication

  • TCC Use default name for meeting and discussion if not specified

  • TCC Adding the possiblity to read or remove all activities

  • TCC Adding policy privacy when creating an account


  • TMMS Fix: Administration page: failure on the test of sending mail with authentication in the settings

  • TMMS Fix: After the installation on Windows, the TMMS service stops after a few seconds in some cases

  • TMMS Fix: After the update on Linux, the subscription ID associated to the TMMS is not kept

  • TMMS Fix: on statistics ranking, the selected period is not applied when changing the sorting

  • TMMS Fix: Fail to restart metric-server service after update

  • TCS Fix: audio and video rights are lost at reconnection

  • TCC Fix: end date of a recurring meeting is one day too early

  • TCC Fix: accept or deny attendees in the waiting room can freeze the TCC

  • TCC Fix: join a meeting from email’s link connects the user by pin code instead of using his account

  • TCC Fix: incorrect german and hungarian translations

  • TCC Fix: change virtual background can freeze the TCC

  • TCC Fix: cancel adding a virtual background puts a gray virtual background

  • TCC Fix: after watching a recording, camera can’t be activated

  • TCC Fix: failed to duplicate a meeting if the user isn’t the previous organizer

  • TCC Fix: full screen sub menu panel doesn’t auto-hide

  • TCC Fix: wrong server selection when TMMS server takes time to answer

  • TCC Fix: Android: some surrogate character (emoji) cause problem in discussions

  • TCC Fix: Android 13+: notifications don’t work

  • TCC Fix: Linux: development dependency of webkit2gtk is automatically used

  • TCC Fix: Linux: application icon is not present on the system

  • TixeoOutlookPlugin Fix: plugin installer doesn’t ask to close Outlook before installing


  • TMMS Increase file access restrictions on the TMMS configuration file

  • TMMS Improvement of anti-bruteforce protection

v17.0.1 (06/04/2023)


  • TCC Fix: degradation of the virtual background or blurring

  • TCC Fix: microphone can be detected as unplugged while testing it

v17.0.0 (04/04/2023)


  • TMMS Simplification of meeting accessibility, when a meeting invitation email is forwarded.

  • TMMS Allow account deletion from "My account" page

  • TMMS Manage "forgot password" action for delegated anthentication (LDAP / AD)

  • TMMS Allow to choose prefered network layer (AUTO / HTTP1 / QUIC) for all TCC connected to the TMMS

  • TMMS Add a user manager role and redesign page to manage users

  • TMMS Add the date when a user has been granted the organizer role

  • TMMS Set language when a user is added from "Administration" pages

  • TMMS Add sorting on meeting statistics entries

  • TMMS On linux installations, allow to choose the installation directory and the default language of the TMMS

  • TMMS Multi-TMMS: Increase scalability by load-balancing on server TMMS servers

  • TCS Adding the possiblity on syslog to set the minimal log level

  • TCC Add new platform: Windows 64 bits

  • TCC Global graphic redesign

  • TCC Redefinition of the user onboarding

  • TCC Improved w3d links to create an account or join a meeting

  • TCC Password criteria are now visible when creating an user account

  • TCC Simplification of the co-organizer and moderator role affectation

  • TCC Add a waiting room for users without invitations (when allowed on the server and by the organizer)

  • TCC Add a wizard shown at the first meeting connection to select the devices to be used

  • TCC Improvement of the default devices detection

  • TCC Increase reliability of the network connection by using our new network layer QUIC

  • TCC Allow organizer to exclude an attendee

  • TCC Allow user to use a virtual background or blurring (Linux / MacOS / Windows 64)

  • TCC Add waiting message when sharing is loading

  • TCC Meeting’s toolbar can be aligned to top or bottom

  • TCC Escape key allow user to quit a conversation (fusion mode only)

  • TCC Screen resolution and bitrate are more visible in expert mode

  • TCC Contact request shows the full name of the requester

  • TCC Recordings can now be viewed directly from the TCC

  • TixeoGateway Changes on WebRTC:

    • only for unauthenticated user

    • set a nickname (as a result of the previous change)

    • add background blurring

    • allow to connect without camera or micro


  • TMMS Fix: invalid export of meetings containing special characters

  • TMMS Fix: service not starting after reboot on Linux system

  • TMMS Fix: recordings are not displayed in reverse chronological order (most recent at first)

  • TMMS Fix: the number of seats calculated is not correct for consecutive meetings

  • TMMS Fix: failure to create a recurring meeting when there are not enough seats available (try to create the next occurrence and notify creator)

  • TMMS Fix: attendees don’t receive invitation update when an attendee is added or deleted

  • TMMS Fix: unable to call when a maintenance period is scheduled

  • TMMS Fix: emails are not sent when the SMTP server is down. Add timeout on SMTP connections.

  • TMMS Fix: some logs are missing in the compression task and replace zip by tgz on Linux

  • TCS Fix: add automatic restart in case of failure

  • TCS Fix: change network TCS.service dependency (

  • TCC Fix: timeout is raised when user tries to join a meeting using the popup

  • TCC Fix: crash at launch on MacOS High Sierra, Mojave or Catalina

  • TCC Fix: authentication failed on iOS when keyChain is not accessible

  • TCC Fix: having multiple screen with different DPI can cause a bad mouse pointer

  • TCC Fix: degradation of the video when user stop and restart the camera

  • TCC Fix: wrong icon for Android native notification

  • TCC Fix: automatic reconnect fail after TMMS certificate replacement

  • TCC Fix: ringing continue after user hangup

  • TCC Fix: accents are replace by ? in the secure live chat

  • TCC Fix: some texts are not updated after switching language

  • TCC Fix: staying on deleted conversation displays an error message

  • TCC Fix: debian 11 crash at launch with missing library

  • TCC Fix: notifications can endlessly loop on iOS

  • TCC Fix: permission requests can block the display

  • TCC Fix: graphic adjustment of elements in secure chat

  • TCC Fix: Scrollbars are not displayed on some platforms (macOS, iOS, Android)


  • TMMS Improve login failure logging

  • TMMS Upgraded several libraries

  • TCS Version is not correctly shown in Windows program after an update

  • TCC Android now targeting SDK 31


v16.6.2.6 (28/02/2023)


  • TCS Fix: binary version information

  • TCC Fix: binary version information

  • TCC Fix: untimely disconnection in case of network inactivity

  • TCC Fix: embedded config overwrite the existing

v16.6.2.5 (02/02/2023)


  • TMMS Notify administrators when a subscription exceeds the maximum number of organizers


  • TMMS Fix: failure to delete account under certain conditions

  • TMMS Fix: CSV export of meetings (columns inversion and wrong end date of the period)

  • TMMS Fix: patch on the behavior of web pages when reloading a page

  • TMMS performance improvements:

    • Database transactions management optimization and improvement

    • Optimization of DB requests for several services (meeting, contact…​)

    • Management of TCS server data in memory (instead of the database)

    • User cache: add an application cache to store some user data and thus avoid too frequent access to the database

    • Websocket management: reduce PingPong threads pool size


  • TMMS Upgraded several libraries

v16.6.2.4 (13/10/2022)


  • TMMS Fix: TCS in rejected state after a backup period of the TMMS

  • TMMS Enforcement in the management of access to conversations and messages

  • TCS Fix: Windows: User tixeotcs not created at update if missing

  • TCC Fix: Windows: Mouse scrolling does not work on a screen with DPI>100%

v16.6.2.3 (12/08/2022)


  • TMMS Update tomcat to version 9.0.65

  • TMMS Upgraded several libraries

  • TCS Update OpenSSL version to 1.1.1q

  • TCC Update OpenSSL version to 1.1.1q



  • TMMS Fix several issues on big deployment:

    • Optimization of database queries

    • Changes in the online status manager



  • TMMS Add the creator in the meeting export

  • TMMS Allow to log slow SQL queries in log file


  • TMMS Fix: Linux: Check database startup failed on installer and updater

  • TMMS Fix: Slow database transactions for some webservices

  • TMMS Fix: Several statistics issues:

    • No statistics for trial subscriptions

    • Use TMMS database for user statistics

v16.6.2.0 (20/06/2022)


  • TMMS Integration of the new Tixeo Metrics Server

    • Add dedicated metrics and statistics pages for users, subscription managers and administrators

    • Add dedicated pages for meeting quality analysis (QoS score, bandwidth usage)

  • TMMS Bulk remove users using a CSV file

  • TMMS Admin pages: Identify the meeting accessibility settings

  • TMMS Optimize getting settings from database

  • TCC iOS, Android, OSX: Boost UI rendering performances (use of Skia engine with GPU acceleration)

  • TCC Android: Can now use Bluetooth audio input/output devices

  • TixeoGateway Now completely available on Linux (TixeoCloud only for now)


  • TMMS Fix: Several LDAP issues:

    • Synchronization of contact list failed with LDAP group

    • LDAP user added as organizer not visible in the list of organizers

    • Error message when changing LDAP settings

  • TMMS Fix: GDPR related HTML text not displayed correctly

  • TMMS Fix: Number of organizers is not updated when changed

  • TMMS Fix: Performance issue on Scrypt hashing

  • TCS Fix: Windows: Service start failed because before network service is started

  • TCS Fix: Linux: Wrong value set for Organization for CSR generation during installation

  • TCS Fix: Websocket timeouts not detected

  • TCC Fix: Contacts list filtering is not efficient

  • TCC Fix: Call button available on a contact even if user is not organizer

  • TCC Fix: Discussions tab enabled while feature disabled

  • TCC Fix: Trial link not internationalized

  • TCC Fix: Wrong date format in activity tab

  • TCC Fix: Meeting button Create again does not work

  • TCC Fix: Minimized when launched from invitation link

  • TCC Fix: Icons color may be incorrect

  • TCC Fix: The segments of long conversation message are received in wrong order

  • TCC Fix: Crash when click Answer button on new message notification

  • TCC Fix: In meeting details, the list of attendees is not sorted

  • TCC Fix: Wrong moderation icon in discussion

  • TCC Fix: Drag files while in meeting does not display chat

  • TCC Fix: Android: Speaker sound is too low

  • TCC Fix: Android: Notifications may fail on first app start

  • TCC Fix: Android: No screen activation on call for some devices

  • TCC Fix: Android: When editing a meeting, attendees are not updated

  • TCC Fix: Android: Screen sharing fails

  • TCC Fix: iOS: App can not run if iOS version ≤ 14

  • TCC Fix: OSX: Can not share secondary screen

  • TCC Fix: Windows: Green screen with Jabra Panacast series

  • TixeoGateway Fix: Can not see sharing (H.239) from H.323/SIP


  • TMMS Improve XSS related protection

  • TMMS Upgraded several libraries

v16.6.1.2 (04/04/2022)


  • TCC Fix: iOS: Microphone does not work for the user who picks up the call when the app was not launched

  • TCC Fix: iOS: Contact filter does not work

v16.6.1.1 (29/03/2022)


  • TCC iOS: Notifications


  • TCC Fix: iOS: Back camera selected by default

v16.6.1.0 (28/02/2022)


  • TMMS Improve installers/updaters (check JDK name, database startup, backup database temporary log file)

  • TMMS Clarified admin guide concerning GDPR settings

  • TCC Home screen now shows upcoming meetings (in addition to those in progress)


  • TMMS Fix: Sometimes ended meetings are still visible

  • TMMS Fix: Bad status for TCS after a network interruption or pause of the TMMS server

  • TMMS Fix: Missing display of checkbox for some features

  • TMMS Fix: Subscription manager could not see the details of meetings in progress

  • TCC Fix: Can not use Philips Speech Mike series anymore

  • TCC Fix: CentOS and Red Hat family not working anymore


  • TMMS Track organizers list change actions in the admin log file, even for subscription managers

  • TMMS Remove some unused Javascript libraries

  • TMMS Improve XSS related protection on users import

v16.6.0.4 (11/02/2022)


  • TMMS Add file in resources directory with build info


  • TMMS Fix: List of attendees in meeting details are not sorted

  • TCC Fix: Android: Meeting notification fails on version < Oreo

  • TCC Fix: Burger menu doesn’t overlay on mobile devices when in portrait

  • TCC Fix: Android (32 bits only): Burger menu sub-tabs broken

  • TCC Fix: Bug report (progress bar) may occur during TCS evaluation

v16.6.0.3 (02/02/2022)


  • TMMS Improve concurrent transactions

  • TMMS Add number of used seats in the meeting list of the statistics page


  • TMMS Fix: Number of seats not valid when creating meeting

  • TMMS Fix: Favicon not displayed

  • TMMS Fix: Failure when removing meet directory during update

  • TMMS Fix: Failed to send an email for recurring meetings

  • TCS Fix: Possible reconnections issues after inactivity

v16.6.0.2 (24/01/2022)


  • TMMS Fix: Error message in log NPE on subscription summary page

  • TMMS Fix: Error message in log NPE on disconnection from WebRtc

  • TixeoOutlookPlugin Fix: Plugin fails on some Outlook 32 bits due to wrong dll target

v16.6.0.1 (21/01/2022)


  • TCC Fix: Windows: Proxy settings incorrectly read from system

  • TCC Fix: macOS: Touchpad & mouse wheel not working with high DPI

v16.6.0.0 (20/01/2022)


  • TMMS Database now auto-upgrades itself, so incremental updates are not required anymore

  • TMMS Drastic performance optimizations

  • TMMS Transmit activities and meeting history to the TCC

  • TMMS Push realtime notifications for mobiles (if connected to a Tixeo push gateway)

  • TMMS Add an option to change the meeting restart strategy on TCS fault

  • TMMS GDPR: disclaimer is now customizable

  • TMMS GDPR: auto-purge of inactive users

  • TMMS Add extra information to organizers and users exports (csv)

  • TMMS Bulk remove of organizers from a csv file

  • TMMS Add a search field for the list of organizers

  • TMMS Sort the list of subscriptions alphabetically for the subscription managers

  • TMMS Add default language selector in settings (for LDAP authentication)

  • TMMS Add Hungarian and completed Czech language

  • TMMS Support of Debian 11

  • TMMS Statistics are now available on a separate page

  • TCS Add QoS score in logs from 1 to 5 for each meeting participant

  • TCS Support of Debian 11

  • TCC New control center

  • TCC Activities and notifications

  • TCC Infos about missed and rejected calls

  • TCC Meeting history

  • TCC Android: Receive Tixeo calls and messages even when app is not running

  • TCC Highlight talking participant

  • TCC Add a silent mode setting to disable notifications sound

  • TixeoOutlookPlugin Plugin now available for Outlook 64 bits


  • TMMS Fix: Failed to delete a user in some other circumstances

  • TMMS Fix: Failed to delete a contact in some circumstances

  • TMMS Fix: TMMS service user account expires on Windows

  • TMMS Fix: Link in the email for recordings, sometimes opens the wrong recording

  • TMMS Fix: Timezone not set after validating user account

  • TMMS Fix: Some users can access the "Old browser page" even if not using IE

  • TMMS Fix: IE not always rejected

  • TMMS Fix: Websocket connection break between TCC and TMMS not always detected

  • TMMS Fix: Windows: Tomcat9 service sometimes start too soon

  • TMMS Fix: Update Tomcat to correct EDOMParseError on some contacts

  • TCC Fix: Nobody has moderation when entering a conference whereas being a legitimate organizer

  • TCC Fix: Windows screens ordering is incorrect

  • TCC Fix: File transfer permission issue

  • TCC Fix: Moderation right icon not updated when moderation changed

  • TCC Fix: Incorrect contact status icon in contact list (color)

  • TCC Fix: Android: App is frozen on Xiaomi A2 with Android 9

  • TCC Fix: Chat messages not always displayed at bottom

  • TCC Fix: Sometimes the buttons to remove all crowns or delete all contacts no longer work

  • TCC Fix: The add all button not working when there are more than 100 contacts in the list

  • TCC Fix: iOS: Text edit ugly in dark mode

  • TCC Fix: Tray icon is not always visible

  • TCC Fix: Crash on loss of connection to the TMMS

  • TCC Fix: Single quote in the name of a customer breaks the theme

  • TixeoOutlookPlugin Fix: Check max length of meeting subject


  • TMMS Fix: Issue in Log4j library (CVE-2021-45046, CVE-2021-45105, CVE-2021-44832)

  • TMMS Reflected XSS with redirect parameter

  • TMMS Add 5 seconds delay for authentication when brute force is detected

  • TMMS Change the way an admin can activate / change password of a user

  • TMMS Upgrade JDK version to the latest LTS (17)

  • TMMS Restrict autoconfig of firewall rule for outbound

  • TCS Update OpenSSL version to 1.1.1l

  • TCS Restrict autoconfig of firewall for TCS to 443 only

  • TCC Modify websockets endpoints

  • TCC Fix: Slow SSL handshake for POP evaluation requests

  • TCC Fix: In-meeting chat crashing with character flood

  • TCC Fix: Group discussion text crashing on input validation

  • TCC Update OpenSSL version to 1.1.1l


v16.5.1.3 (15/12/2021)


  • TMMS Improve TMMS performance

  • TMMS Add log for database pool in SYSLOG


  • TMMS Fix: Failed to create a meeting in some cases

  • TMMS Fix: Failed to delete a user

  • TMMS Fix: UTF-8 encoding issues

  • TMMS Fix: Recurring events have wrong offset in Outlook

  • TMMS Fix: TMMS timeout when rescheduling recurring meeting or creating new meeting

  • TMMS Fix: Redirection to meeting page after login fails, behind a proxy

  • TMMS Fix: No notifyPopList on TCS connection in some cases

  • TMMS Fix: Can’t stop meeting from statistics view


  • TMMS Fix: Issue in Log4j library (CVE-2021-44228)

  • TMMS Fix: Several other security enforcements (contact us for details)

v16.5.1.2 (09/09/2021)


  • TMMS Fix: Wrong characters in Hungarian translations file

  • TMMS Fix: WebRTC gateway is not shutdown properly

  • TMMS Fix: WebRTC meeting is stopped after a small delay

  • TCC Fix: Android: App cannot connect on TMMS with trusted certificate in personal store

v16.5.1.1 (31/08/2021)

TMMS update is required because of DB changes.
The version includes all changes done in version v16.5.1.0 with some small additional fixes


  • TMMS Added Hungarian language (for web page only)

  • TCS Improved logs for wrong QoS info


  • TMMS Fix: Failed to remove user having contacts (triggers an exception)

  • TMMS Fix: TCS connectivity is evaluated even if we have a single zone

  • TMMS Fix: The sentences describing the choices for accessing a meeting are not easily readable

  • TCS Fix: Installer does not include zip dependency

  • TCC Fix: Android: Can’t switch to another meeting when already connected


  • TMMS Improvement of CAPTCHA brute-force protection

  • TMMS Corrected 404 error page in installer config

v16.5.1.0 (built on 16/08/2021 - released in


  • TMMS Configuration of Mobile realtime notifications (calls, messages…​)

  • TMMS Send an additional reminder email 1 week before the end of the subscription

  • TMMS Add support of authentication for remote storage

  • TMMS WebRTC client has now a compatible text chat feature

  • TMMS WebRTC client can now be moderated in a compatible way

  • TMMS WebRTC client audio/video device selection

  • TMMS WebRTC client UI clean-up

  • TMMS Trials (TixeoCloud) now have Recording and WebRTC by default

  • TMMS Clarified meeting connection tunnel when connecting from a link

  • TMMS Add new webservice capability for admins

  • TMMS Improve perfs of DB connections

  • TixeoGateway Extend WebRTC gateway capabilities (chat, rights…​)

  • TCC Android: Mobile realtime notifications (calls, messages…​)

  • TCC Removed "Unlimited duration" option for meetings


  • TMMS Fix: Websocket notified before state changed (calls connection problem…​)

  • TMMS Fix: Header size is too small for some custom themes

  • TMMS Fix: Some information are not readable in meeting invitation email for some custom themes

  • TMMS Fix: Amount of organizers not updated when changing subscription

  • TMMS Fix: When modifying a trial subscription with a valid subscription, the trial flag is not updated

  • TMMS Fix: Delete meeting button does not work on "Maintenance" page

  • TMMS Fix: Storage (Recordings) retention configuration could not be updated

  • TCS Fix: In conference mode, rights (ex: micro muted) are not restored after reconnection

  • TixeoGateway Fix: Potential state problem when receiving an unexpected command from TCC

  • TixeoGateway Fix: Gateway resource reset script fails when run with elevated privileges

  • TCC Fix: Number of attendees in a meeting now readable when more than 100

  • TCC Fix: Meeting number icon in menu is only refreshed when clicking on it

  • TCC Fix: Android screen capture does not work anymore

  • TCC Fix: Connect button should be greyed when already reconnecting

  • TCC Fix: Corrected several memory leaks on audio/video streams


  • TMMS Previous password is now asked before changing it

  • TMMS Add logs on email sending

  • TMMS Add logs on Exception for REST services

  • TMMS Several other security enforcements (contact us for details)

v16.5.0.6 (29/07/2021)

TMMS update is required because of DB changes.


  • TMMS Update of the webapp server

  • TMMS Enhanced cache to speedup some webservice calls

  • TCC Clarify meeting mode participant limit messages


  • TMMS Fix: WebRTC initialisation sometimes fail

  • TMMS Fix: WebRTC doesn’t work when no UDP

  • TCC Fix: On Linux, edits have a strange behaviour


  • TMMS A CAPTCHA is now asked after several wrong authentications to increase anti-bruteforce protection

  • TMMS Several other security enforcements (contact us for details)

  • TCS Several other security enforcements (contact us for details)

  • TCC Several other security enforcements (contact us for details)

v16.5.0.5 (24/06/2021)


  • TMMS Organizers list can now be exported even if a subscription has ended

  • TMMS Improve zone selection by sending a second TCS (if available) to evaluate per zone


  • TMMS Fix: Can’t invite a new LDAP/AD user if email server not configured

  • TMMS Fix: Fails on CSV import of organizers already present in another subscription

  • TMMS Fix: Fails on CSV import of more than 200 organizers

  • TMMS Fix: Notification of a new pending contact is never sent through websocket

  • TMMS Fix: User authentication token wrong and not renewed after TMMS restart

  • TMMS Fix: Calendar notifications for meeting cancellation should not be sent to myself if I am the organizer

  • TMMS Fix: The message informing that the invitation is personal, is not present in the text (not HTML) version of the invitation email

  • TMMS Fix: An exception is shown when setting an empty value in file storage retention

  • TixeoGateway Fix: Some recordings don’t have the video, just the sound


  • TMMS Adapted configuration to show our custom error page in all situations

  • TMMS Metrics pages now require a higher role to be accessed

  • TMMS Added more verifications on user invitation for a meeting joined by WebRTC

v16.5.0.4 (27/05/2021)


  • TMMS Fix: Possible situation where a new meeting attendee can’t be added because of a duplicated PIN code

  • TMMS Fix: Video not visible when connecting from WebRTC from an iPhone

  • TMMS Fix: On some themes, text readability is complex because of bad contrast

  • TMMS Fix: An email is being sent to all attendees when calling a new user (this shouldn’t happen)

  • TCC Fix: Linux random crash stack overflow on

  • TCC Fix: Text related to specific recurrence not visible anymore (white on white)

v16.5.0.3 (06/05/2021)


  • TMMS Improve positioning and visibility of the logo

  • TMMS Corrected some German translations


  • TMMS Trials are now available with Recording and WebRTC


  • TMMS Fix: WebRTC client does not connect at all

  • TMMS Fix: WebRTC client audio is sometimes very poor

  • TMMS Fix: Reimporting users don’t resend activation email anymore

  • TixeoOutlookPlugin Fix: Can’t invite participants with uppercase emails


  • TMMS Fix: CVE-TMMS-20210429

v16.5.0.1 (23/04/2021)


  • TMMS Fix: WebRTC client does not connect when TMMS is slow

  • TMMS Fix: CreateMeeting fails for large meetings when TMMS is slow

  • TMMS Fix: PIN code access should not be enabled by default

  • TMMS Fix: Features are wrong when not enabled on both global and subscription

v16.5.0.0 (22/04/2021)

TMMS update is required because of DB changes.


  • TMMS New UI/UX of the TMMS, with a more modern look&feel

  • TMMS Subscription page: Show the number of organizers

  • TMMS Subscription page: Show a warning if more organizers than permitted

  • TCC New UI/UX of the client

    • Complete redesign of the client UI, with a more modern look&feel

    • The side menu has been thoroughly reworked to ease access on mobiles as well as on desktops

  • TCC Added in the title bar, the subject and organizer name of the meeting in which we are connected

  • TCC Shared application border now changes from orange to green when remote control is given


  • TMMS Simplification of meeting access

    • You can now enable a feature to authorize connecting to a meeting without a user account (access with PIN code for meetings with Standard level of security)

    • You can now enable a feature to allow connecting directly from the web browser (using WebRTC through a TixeoGateway for meetings with Standard level of security)

  • TMMS Export list of organizers for a subscription

  • TMMS Removed meeting scheduling from web pages

  • TMMS Added download link for OpenSuse RPM package

  • TMMS Read LDAP/AD preferredLanguage to set user language when available

  • TMMS Checksum of a recording is now available

  • TMMS Calendar meeting visibility is now configurable (private or public) and set in ical

  • TMMS Manage different links (FQDN) for internal and public access

  • TMMS Admin: Export list of all users

  • TMMS Admin: Disabling a TCS re-affects all meetings to other TCS

  • TMMS Linux: Update from TMMS package is now possible

  • TMMS (disabled) Push notification for mobiles

  • TixeoGateway Now partially available on Linux (TixeoCloud only for now)

  • TixeoGateway Add WebRTC connector

  • TCC Simplification of meeting access

    • If enabled on the TMMS, an organizer can set up a meeting with a Standard level of security (rather than High)

    • In that case, the meeting can be accessed without a user account (access with PIN code)

  • TCC Added a warning to inform the organizers if he is inviting more people than recommended for a meeting mode

  • TCC Added option AutoAnswer in config.ini to enable auto answer on a received call (disabled by default)

  • TCC Linux: Added keyboard control when giving remote control of a sharing

  • TCC Android: (disabled) Receive push notifications to receive calls and messages when app not launched

  • TixeoOutlookPlugin Added appointment location information and set to Tixeo online meeting


  • TMMS Fix: Is some extremely rare occasions invitation and validation emails gets mixed up

  • TMMS Fix: CSS and JS problem with cache not updated

  • TMMS Fix: Call sometimes fails even when accepted by callee (AKA: Alone in the call)

  • TMMS Fix: Can’t add a user if has some special characters in his email address (& +)

  • TMMS Fix: Trying to start meetings on a lost TCS

  • TMMS Fix: When a TCS is disabled, the relay connection path of a user is not updated

  • TMMS Fix: TCS connection state sometimes wrong after TMMS restart

  • TMMS Fix: TMMS really very slow to stop

  • TMMS Fix: IE still accepted on join meeting page

  • TMMS Fix: TCS set in advance on recurring meetings

  • TMMS Fix: LDAP Group in contact list not working with OpenLDAP

  • TMMS Fix: First name and last name are not updated on TMMS when changed in LDAP/AD

  • TMMS Fix: Meeting creation can be very long when having a lot have participants because of email sending

  • TMMS Fix: Meeting modification email is not sent when meeting’s subject is updated

  • TMMS Fix: Import organizers in the subscription page shows an error when organizer already exists

  • TMMS Fix: Recurrent meeting link is wrong after first occurrence

  • TMMS Fix: User authentication token wrong and not renewed after TMMS restart

  • TMMS Fix: Trial subscriptions can’t change associated features (file transfer, H.323…​)

  • TMMS Fix: Replyto not set when receiving an account validation email

  • TCC Fix: Arrows to change month not visible on calendar during meeting scheduling

  • TCC Fix: Recording progress animation never stops when no TixeoRecordingServer is available

  • TCC Fix: Sent keys are incorrect on cross-platform when giving remote control of a sharing

  • TCC Fix: Invited all my contacts! Button should be only available when a filter is set

  • TCC Fix: Can’t add a user if has some special characters in his email address (& +)

  • TCC Fix: Client automatically connects on time when clicking link before meeting starts

  • TCC Fix: File transfer drag&drop doesn’t work with spaces in the file name

  • TCC Fix: Detach buttons should not be available when in kiosk mode (i.e. VideoTouch)

  • TCC Fix: New meeting not notified if re-invited in same meeting after having been removed

  • TCC Fix: Windows key should not be sent through application sharing (only desktop sharing)

  • TCC Fix: In meeting edition view, the recurrence field is not large enough to read

  • TCC Fix: Some test data are sometimes visible on a contacts view

  • TixeoOutlookPlugin Fix: Outlook appointment formatting is lost when opened while Tixeo plugin enabled (Ticket #692653)


  • TMMS Anonymization of meeting subject in logs (replaced by meeting unique id)

  • TMMS Improve admin logs with info about TCS validation

  • TMMS Added a log to know who or why a meeting is stopped

  • TMMS Added a privacy policy link to redirect to some custom privacy policy page and shown during user account validation for acceptation

  • TCC Privacy: Added a setting to disable microphone and camera before entering a meeting

Description for Google and Apple stores

Simplification of meeting access
- access a meeting without a user account (access with PIN code)
- access a meeting directly from the web browser using WebRTC
Completely new UI/UX of the Tixeo client and the TMMS
Simplification de l'accès aux réunions
- accès à une réunion sans compte utilisateur (accès avec un code PIN)
- accès à une réunion directement depuis le navigateur en utilisant WebRTC
Toute nouvelle interface utilisateur du client Tixeo et du TMMS


v16.0.2.0 (23/03/2021)


  • TMMS Add new logs for zone evaluation (and meeting connection path) of the client for a user

  • TMMS Add zone information on the user page

  • TMMS Add new TCS filter on maintenance page

  • TMMS Add meeting creation date on meeting details page

  • TMMS Reduce session timeout to 20 minutes to limit memory load

  • TCC Add tolerance on SVCoD scaling (reduces CPU and bandwidth load)


  • TCS Fix: on W3DServer, TMMS certificate verification fails

  • TixeoGateway Fix: IP configuration not shown when installing in PSTN mode

  • TCC Fix: Client doesn’t send TCS evaluation to TMMS (leads to zone selection problems)

v16.0.1.2 (11/02/2021)

TMMS update is required because of DB changes.


  • TCC Replaced confusing "Speakers" icon by "Microphone" icon when muting local microphone


  • TMMS TixeoRecordingServer fault tolerance (recording started on another server in case of crash)

  • TCS Increase QoS logging to once per minute

  • TCS Added ULScore and DLScore in QoS Logs

  • TCS Increase inactivity detection to 7 seconds before disconnecting a client

  • TCC Increase QoS logging to once per minute

  • TCC Added ULScore and DLScore in QoS Logs

  • TCC Increase inactivity detection to 7 seconds before disconnecting


  • TMMS Fix: Invitation email link doesn’t work (MeetingId is wrong + login not set and causes disconnection)

  • TMMS Fix: Accounts created from OpenLDAP don’t retrieve user’s firstname (givenname) and lastname (sn)

  • TMMS Fix: Bug on API updateMeeting when setting null value

  • TMMS Fix: User connection zone not updated for started meetings when user zone changes

  • TMMS Fix: Login page overrides correct detected timezone

  • TMMS Fix: Meeting moderation delegation icon "crown" not shown correctly

  • TMMS Fix: Users with Exchange accounts receive recurrent meeting invitation with "not supported calendar message.ics"

  • TMMS Fix: Removing a co-organizer from a meeting results in cancellation of the meeting

  • TMMS Fix: Removing a co-organizer from a subscription results in cancellation of some meetings

  • TCS Fix: Can connect multiple time with same login on same meeting if diff in login (upper case)

  • TixeoGateway Fix: Large recording files may be duplicated on TMMS storage

  • TCC Fix: Contact list is sometimes shown on 2 columns

  • TCC Fix: On Windows, if client is "closed/reduced in tray" while in settings, client keeps capturing the microphone and webcam

  • TCC Fix: On Windows, no blurring of overlapping application when sharing an application in "Multimedia mode"

  • TCC Fix: On macOS, Tixeo notifications gives focus to TCC even when using any other application

  • TCC Fix: On iOS app, received sharing stays grey

  • TCC Fix: On iOS app, reconnection view is not sized correctly

  • TCC Fix: On VideoTouch, on the control screen, shown videos have incorrect scaling

  • TCC Fix: On VideoTouch, on the control screen, all icons are to big

  • TCC Fix: On VideoTouch, on the TV screens, resolution is too low

  • TCC Fix: On VideoTouch, when entering a fusion communication, no videos are displayed


  • TMMS Invalidate user token on password change

  • TMMS Reduce verbosity of logs concerning webservice calls

  • TCC On Linux, remove old unused dependency to libJPEG that have known CVE

v16.0.1.0 (17/12/2020)


  • TCS Meeting can now be directly scheduled from a group discussion


  • TMMS Fix: Subscription manager can edit features whereas only admin should

  • TMMS Fix: Strange characters shown on features page

  • TCS Fix: Incorrect timezone format sent by system on foreign Windows causes error on meeting creation

v16.0.0.0 (15/12/2020)

TMMS update is required because of DB changes.


  • TMMS Simplified general features management

  • TMMS Show number of participants in a meeting

  • TMMS Show past meetings

  • TMMS Display last login date of a user

  • TMMS Display user features in user page

  • TMMS Simplified first deployment, meeting connection and TMMS switch workflow

  • TCC Automatic reconnection

  • TCC Multi-screen tactile control

  • TCC In-meeting Watermark

  • TCC Invite several contacts/attendees by adding several emails at once

  • TCC Show when websocket disconnected

  • TCC Replaced technical disconnection message by one understandable by all

  • TCC Changed "Message" to "Group discussions" and changed some icons

  • TCC Top in-meeting menu bar is now always visible (unless switching to fullscreen)

  • TCC Rights change notification are now silent


  • TMMS Linux version officially available

  • TMMS Technical merge of Cloud and OnPrem branches

  • TMMS Onpremise Recording

  • TMMS Features management by subscription

  • TixeoGateway Onpremise Recording

  • TixeoGateway Update VAC to latest release

  • TCS Linux version officially available

  • TCC Multimedia sharing

  • TCC Add a config file option to disable auto-updates


  • TMMS Correct user timezone management

  • TMMS Workaround Outlook timezone

  • TMMS Fix: Password unwanted change when changing user information

  • TMMS Completely remove support of old buggy IE

  • TMMS User is now created when adding a participant in a conversation

  • TMMS Fix: TMMS can’t start if connected LDAP/AD is down

  • TCS Fix: Config "" parsing problem causing never ending calls

  • TCC Correct user timezone management

  • TCC Fix: Can’t create a meeting with custom recurrence

  • TCC Fix: Fusion bubbles creation after audio starts on low bandwidth

  • TCC Fix: Crash message on Windows stop

  • TCC Fix: iOS hangup requires clicking twice on button

  • TCC Fix: Can’t update meeting mode before meeting started

  • TCC Fix: On macOS a transparent TCC window is present on top left corner of the screen and intercepts clicks

  • TCC Fix: Crash on macOS Big Sur (also fixed in v15.2.3, never released but with macOS installer pushed on some servers)

  • TCC Fix: Close settings view when close (reduce) TCC, to avoid keeping capturing webcam


  • TMMS Token authentication

  • TMMS Syslog over TCP

  • TCS Syslog over TCP

  • TCC Additional mem cleaning of potential hashed credentials

  • TCC Token authentication

  • TCC Syslog over TCP

  • TCC Android now targeting SDK 29


v15.2.2.0 (10/11/2020)

TMMS update is required because of DB changes.
The version includes all changes done in version v15.5.0.0 minus Token authentication


  • TMMS Fix: websocket notification pb when TCC logged with username of linked LDAP/AD

  • TMMS Fix: Import organisers and contacts from CSV on Windows fails

  • TCS Fix: metaserver killing meeting at end of meeting time

  • TCS Fix: "ghost" connections (timeout after 10-15 min)

  • TCC Fix: Some German translations are wrong

  • TCC Fix: ~1 min lock on lost websocket

  • TCC Fix: Calendar buttons visibility

  • TCC Fix: Android: Low audio volume on some devices

  • TCC Fix: Linux: Pb. with OpenSSL on Debian9

  • TCC Fix: MacOS: Pb. with OpenSSL on macOS Sierra and High Sierra


  • TMMS Password complexity is now configurable

  • TMMS CSR generated during installation now includes SAN (SubjectAltName required by Apple)

  • TMMS Limit ports opening towards Tomcat in Windows FW during installation to 80 and 443

  • TMMS Log rotation and retention is now done by an external task (works with tomcat service stopped)

  • TMMS TCS with same FQDN now needs to be validated again if IP has changed

  • TMMS Removed some incorrect logged user information in logs

  • TMMS Update tomcat to version 9.0.37 because of CVE-2020-13935

  • TMMS Add last login information for each user

  • TCS Hardening and signing of binaries and libs (Windows, Linux)

  • TCS Recompile openssl with latest updated ANSSI recommendations

  • TCC Hardening and signing of binaries and libs (Windows, macOS and Linux)

  • TCC Recompile openssl with latest updated ANSSI recommendations

  • TCC Force using HTTPS in all situations even if user sets an HTTP TMMS address

  • TCC Drag&Drop file transfer correctly blocked if users does not have rights to share